All Sharedstake contracts are controlled by the multisig. Except the masterChef contract, to allow quicker modification of pool rewards based on snapshot votes.

Multisig members were chosen based on volunteering in Discord, ratified with the following Snapshot proposal.

Multisig key holders are:

2x Saddle Devs - WeebMcgee (Jongseung Lim), hammeiam (David Hamme)

3x Community members - nate (Nate Brune), neocarbunkle (Ben Pomeroy), shogun

2x Sharedstake dev - Ice Bear, Chimera Defi

The multisig is a 4/7 Gnosis Safe

The multisig controls -

  • The treasury. Which in itself vests over time.

  • SharedDeposit v2 for any upgrades

  • FundDistributor which holds farming tokens, allowing new farming contracts to be added

  • The multisig is responsible for paying out from the treasury and changes to the aforementioned contracts

All tokens are in vesting contracts, treasury and founder shares included.

You can verify contract ownership by checking the contracts using the Contract address & sources link on the left.

The multisig is located at 0xeBc37F4c20C7F8336E81fB3aDf82f6372BEf777E

Marketing / executive multisig

Marketing/exec multisig is located at 0x0d5cb74D0e61a0154A17198Ab948538a2a2fb044

This was created for faster access to funds and execution.

2/3 signers

Signers are from discord:

  • mangoeater

  • lonetree

  • chimeradefi

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