H1 2023 payout

SGT H1 DAO contributor payout details

User details

30,033 respondents.

Filtered down to 28 real, positive, contributors.

Split as 3 MVPs which delivered a ton of value to the DAO.

And 25 community members, advisors, multisig holders, DAO members, mods, devs who contributed in some way.

Payout details

6 mo founder vest -> 200k

20% of -> 40k

DAO Match -> 40k

Total: 80k

Assume 50% payed later/ veSGT locked: 40k total

3 mvps split 60%: 8k each (24k total)

remainder split across community (28 respondents) -> 16k

Allocated 20k to marketing multisig from main multisig

Total DAO spend: 60k SGT

Total new SGT entering circulation now: 60k

SGT inflation increase at EOY 2023 if rewards are paid out over the next 6 months => 4.42%

Transaction: Payout tx on multisig

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